About this site

About this site

Who am I

My name's Tommy, I'm a 36yo former Tech Leader and Scrum Master now working as a software senior engineer and tech animator in a public transportation company in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I love developing, solving architecture problematics, improving code performances, designing and creating apps, ... And I love sharing all that I learn with you.

What is this blog about

As you can guess, on this blog I'll share many tips about mobile / android / ios / .Net / typescript / unity / ... development, but also about UI, UX, gaming, performances, architecture, code quality, good practices, ...


This is not my first dev blog. The first one was http://olddev.howtommy.net and ran from 2011 to january 2023. But I felt that it was time for me to change and I migrated onto Ghost. Today I want to spend less time managing my blog, and more time writing.

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I created a Twitter account and a Facebook page to share news about my blog posts. I also have a youtube channel where I share all my videos. Do not hesitate to subscribe!

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